Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Life keeps moving along

You'd think I'd have given up on this by now, I'm as bad at blogging as I am at journaling, which means both skip huge chunks of time and who knows what has happened to them. Heck, I don't even know what happens to time, it just keeps moving and swirling me along until I pause to take a breath.

Currently my life is in a potential upheaval of big proportions but I'm stuck in a limbo holding pattern, and today I am making lists. With how much I love lists you'd think I would be more organized but no. Maybe lists allow me the illusion of doing something and moving forward without actually doing so, they are certainly keeping me sane right now.

Maybe I'll post again, in the same year next time. ;)

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Chicken Pot Pie

What do you do with leftovers?

The eternal question of the home cook, at least one who can't stand to toss food or perpetually over estimates how much her family will eat.

I just made this up today, and it turned out delicious.

I took the leftovers from our roast chicken dinner, made in the crockpot so it had a lot of nice gravy. Warmed up the gravy, stripped the carcass and tossed the chicken into the gravy with a handful of mixed vegetables. After that I put it into a casserole dish and topped with puff pastry, baked for 20 minutes at 400 degrees and voila!

Served with a nice salad and some leftover squash, it made for a delicious supper that wasn't a repeat.

(Almost) a new year, and new ideas.

Pondering things, like maybe blogging a little more seriously (but then I usually do, don't I?) so also pondering an update to this and a name change.

I'm not just a knitter, but I am a total Flibbertigibbet, so I'm updating to Flibbertigibbet Gal. I'll have to figure out some renovating of this site and spruce it up to look better.

But what brought this on? Ideas. I like to cook, and knit, and do other crafts, so I may as well spread the love around.

We'll see how well this goes.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Thanksgiving already!?

I don't know where the time goes anymore, somewhere between being a mom, working full time, going to school and, well, just trying to keep my sanity I seem to look up and another month has gone by.

I did do the canning I wanted. All in all I got 10 pints of salsa, 15 pints of jams and marmalade (strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, raspberry and lemon ginger zucchini) and 13 pints of mustard pickles.

Next year I might try to do pickled beets too, if my garden cooperates and we don't eat them all (we love beets).

I've also gotten halfway through school, just finishing my midterm and now.. it's thanksgiving.

It's going to be a small one, too many people in the family are busy too and too much has happened lately to get everyone together so I've bought a ham. Mmm.

Of course where does this leave my knitting? In the sinker. I've picked up the needles only a few times in months, so of course nothing is getting done but this weekend I plan to knit! Around other things of course, but I will have time to do so! I'm almost finished my Sunday Socks, I have a few rows and to sew in the ends and they are done! Which means I should pick something else to finish.

The weather we've had lately makes me think I should do one of two things. Finish my Mr Greenjeans and/or my Fiddlehead mittens, so that's the plan I think.

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer, gone.

September, already flying by so fast I'm amazed.

I imported the posts from the other blog here because I realized.. there's no point in having two blogs. So I think I will rename this one to just Flibbertigibbet because that's what I am and it will be a random blog about my stuff when I think of it.

I'll post more later, right now I need to go start doing some canning! Mmm mustard pickles..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where HAS the summer gone?

It's almost the end of summer, August is half gone, vacation has been had (I'll do a breakdown with pictures later, I haven't gone through them all yet!) and a new hobby has been discovered.

Geocaching! (If you don't know what it is, from the website: Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online.)

BF introduced it to us as part of our week-long vacation and I must admit I got just a bit hooked. What a great way to get us out of the house (ALL of us) and get some exercise and fresh air while having fun? I've already invested in a GPS (tip, do your research and you can get handheld one at a place like Cash Converters for a lot less than a new one. That is if you don't mind not having all the bells and whistles of course!). Beyond the initial investment of a GPS, it can be as cheap or expensive, hard or easy as you wish it to be.

So far we've been finding easier hides in the parks (Waterton, and now in our own city) and it makes for a good sunny Saturday to pack a picnic and lots of water and plan a route of caches.

So much fun I almost want to blow off being an adult and doing household chores today and going to find a few more. ;)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lists, lists and more lists.

That's what I do when I plan.

I make lists of the places I want to go, lists of places where we could stay (and prices!), lists for packing, lists for meal planning.. I haven't yet hit lists of lists, but my boyfriend tells me if I reach that point and move on from there, then I've officially gone 'round the bend.

So far for our camping vacation I have five lists.

Packing lists for myself and son.
Meal planning list
Grocery list
Grocery packing list
Planning list(s)*

Boyfriend is in charge of packing the car, I have yet to make him a list because he knows what he is doing and didn't miss a beat last time when I trusted him to pack everything necessary for camping, so why would I stop trusting him now? If it were just me on the other hand..

I'm not sure if this obsessive list making to make certain I have everything is a result of being a former Girl Guide (Be Prepared!), we always got lists of what to bring before going camping, or a result of the time I went camping with my family and as a teen was put in charge of packing the cooler. I was so proud, I got everything we needed in it and helped pack the car. We got to the site, set up our tent in a raging thunder storm (that immediately stopped once the tent was up.. natch) and started to make supper.. only to discover that I forgot to pack the meat. I can't remember what it was now, hamburgers? Some breakfast meats too. But the grilled cheese and tomato soup were like ashes in my mouth at the disappoint in my father's eyes.

Ok, maybe not so bad as all that, but I was a teenager and don't we tend to be melodramatic at a time like that?

It must be something like that, but you'll pry my lists from my hands when I'm cold, I'd forget SOMETHING obvious and needed if I didn't have them.

But I can't wait to go on our trip!

*Note: This one is very dynamic and started with ideas for where to go, what to do, where to stay and got pared down as the planning fell into place, it is also not so inflexible as it seems, it's more of a set of guidelines with only a few hard and fast points that can't be changed.. and that's only because of things like reservations.